Hi ︎ My name is Nata Agafonova. I’m a founder of Talking Paper and a digital transformation designer who believes that complex problems can be solved by multidisciplinary teams with varying perspectives.

Seeing the bigger picture of a project and applying design and team-management methodologies allows me to lead/manage a team while staying an active participant.

Being a graphic designer I can provide fitting visuals for the project, structure the information, and present it to the public.

My energy, empathy, sense of responsibility, and a strong belief in a better future drives me and those around to a happier tomorrow.

Currently based in the Amsterdam area (NL).

︎ nata [at] talkingpaper.nl
Talking Paper loves designing books,
and here is why:

A book is a sculpture. An object with three dimensions and a bookshelf as it’s pedestal. It exists in space.
A book is a memory. Portraying instant death of the past moment just as photography. It exists in context.
A book is a movie. A sequence of frames with a certain speed. It exists in time.
A book is a language. A logically functioning system of hierarchy and meanings where each bit matters when combined with others. It creates culture.
A book is a compiler. It brings the new meaning to all the words and images combined together. It creates meaning.
A book is physical. Details such as paper transparency, touch, smell, margins fitting fingers. It works with all human senses.
A book is a reality. It cannot be reprogrammed after it is printed as it posses every typing mistake, all unique qualities of certain paper sheets. It also portrays time as it decays in real life. The processes in a ready book cannot be altered. It can be compared with a human being.
A book is a value. It gives its owner a certain status. It is a desirable object of possession. One could be defined by one’s bookshelf.
A book is a celebration of the physical presence in the world. It represents life.

by Talking Paper.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.